Sunday, January 11, 2009

What is the Missouri Congress up to??

Here are some links so you can keep up with proposed laws going thru our State Congress.

House of Representatives
Subject Index
On this page check under the following headings to see proposed laws about driving

State Senate
Bill List

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Free Video

Order a free copy of "The Road Ahead: Stay Safe at the Wheel" by calling 1-800-4-LIBERTY or any local Liberty Mutual office. "The Road Ahead" kit includes a powerful video of teens discussing their driving attitudes and behaviors before and after viewing the HBO Family documentary Smashed: Toxic Tales of Teens and Alcohol, a family discussion guide and a family safe-driving pledge.


FHP Says Driver Was On Phone During Crash That Killed Teen Girl

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The driver of a semi that smashed into the back of a school bus admitted he was on his cell phone, according to Captain Gregory LaMont of the Florida Highway Patrol. Four students were in critical condition after the horrific bus crash claimed the life of 13-year-old Frances Schee on Tuesday afternoon.


MyKey Limits How Teens Can Drive YourCar

Do you suspect your teenager is only begging you to buy a 2010 Ford Focus as soon as it hits the dealership so he can turn up the radio and flog it on the highway? Ford thinks so, which is why the automaker introduced MyKey.


Seat Belt odds

MHP - In 2007, a driver in a Missouri traffic crash had a one in 32 chance of being killed if they were not wearing a seat belt. In those cases where a driver wore a seat belt, their chance of being killed was 1 in 1,294.


Fatality Analysis Reporting System


National Safety Council Teen Driver

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities, accounting for 38% of all teen deaths in the United States. Chances are, your community has been struck by a tragic accident involving a teenage friend, classmate or family member. The National Safety Council is trailblazing new ground to confront this crisis on a national level.


A Patrol Family's Thanksgiving Tragedy

The following story is true, unfortunately it's a story that unfolds all too often on Missouri's highways on any given day, but this just happened to be Thanksgiving eve. The Tillman family has asked the Patrol to use the following story as a catalyst for seat belt usage and attentive driving. Please learn from what you are about to read and take it to heart that bad things can happen to good people. You need to do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones on our highways.


Special Report: Teen Drivers at Risk

Special Report: Teen Drivers at Risk